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The curriculum I used while student teaching was Scott Foresman. I taught from Units 4, 5, and 6. Below is a lesson from the first story from Unit 4: Timeless Stories:

Half Chicken  Day 1                                 February 7th, 2008


Lesson Rationale: Students will learn how to paraphrase, which is an essential skill in learning. They will also engage in conversation with their classmates regarding the results of kindness. This will encourage critical thinking.


PA State Standards: 1.1.5G, 1.1.5C


Anticipatory Set: Daily Word Routine Chart


Materials: Student Text Book p. 376

                   Vocabulary Book

                   Spelling Book

                   Web Graphic Organizer

                   Audio disc (Carmen Tafolla)





To clarify understanding by paraphrasing portions of the text.

-On overhead, write a long sentence and ask students to restate the sentence in their own words. List the responses.

-Discuss each sentence and decide which convey the meaning and ideas of the original sentence.

-Have students take out textbooks and turn to p. 376. Read the three black bullets under “paraphrasing.”

-Class participation

To use paraphrasing to help understand and organize what is being read

-Read #1 under “Write About It”

-Read “Blue Jay Takes the Heat” aloud, instructing students to think about how they would paraphrase the last sentence in the writing 

- Discuss “Write About It” together, include paraphrasing #1 on p. 151

-Have students reread selection silently and answer #’s 2,3,4 on p. 151

-Class participation

To activate prior knowledge regarding folk tales and rewards of kindness

-Discuss lessons in folk tales and rewards of kindness.

-Have students get in their groups and talk about rewards/results of kindness, gather as a class and have each group share their answers. Write the answers on the web graphic organizer

-Listen to Audio Trip (CD 4)

-Group participation

To use synonyms to determine meaning and increase vocabulary

-Review with class what to do when they come to an unfamiliar word in a text

-Read p. 378 on synonyms as a class

-Show list of words and have the class silently say the words to themselves

-Have the students read “A Fresh Start” to find out the meaning of farewells

-Re-Read the paragraph aloud to the class, and model how to figure out the meaning of farewells

-Repeat with the remainder of the vocabulary words

-Read vocabulary words using references on TE p. 378

-Hand out sheet for students to use as a study guide

-Class participation

To recognize complete subjects in sentences

-Review with class what the subject part of a sentence states. Review the difference between simple subjects and complete subjects.

-Show sentences on overhead, have students identify the complete subject in each

-Assign p. 76 after modeling #’s 1 and 11











-Completion of assignment

To spell words with “sh”, “ch”, “tch”, and “wh”

Tear our Half Chicken spelling page and fold in half.

-Give pretest, have students self-check their answers

-Spelling pretest


Adaptations: Students needing extra assistance may find listening to the story on an audiotape helpful.


Assignment: Re-print Half Chicken word list into homework book.

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