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Friendly Letter Lesson Plan
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While student teaching at Spring City Elementary School, the students and I had the opportunity to participate in Career Day.  Eleven parents came into school and talked to the students about their profession. When the parents left, our class wrote thank you notes to them in the friendly letter format. Below, I have included the lesson plan I used to explain that format. There is a PowerPoint presentation that corresponds to this lesson that is available upon request.

How to Write a Friendly Letter                                                                                 April 4, 2008

Lesson Rationale: Letter writing is a form of communication. It is important for students to understand how to correspond with one another through letter writing because it is a personal way to communicate. Letter writing is a skill that can be used by anyone. In this lesson, students will be given the opportunity to write letters to individuals who presented during career day.

PA State Standards: 1.1.5 A, 1.1.5 C, 1.1.5 F

Anticipatory Set: Go to computer lab. Ask students if they have ever written a letter and lead a brief discussion on letter writing. Tell them they are going to be writing friendly letters after the presentation.

Materials: How to Write a Friendly Letter PowerPoint

                 Poster template of friendly letter format

                 Notebook paper, pencil




-Students will become familiar with the friendly letter format.

-Show PowerPoint presentation on How to Write a Friendly Letter.

-Lead a class discussion on the importance of letter writing.

-Ask assessment questions on PowerPoint to gauge how much the children have learned.

-Students will understand the importance of writing thank you notes.

-Lead a class discussion on the importance of thank you notes.

-Class participation


Adaptations: If students have enough time, they may chose to write another friendly letter.

Assignment: Write a thank you note in the friendly letter format to parents.

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