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Philosophy of Education Statement


Elementary Education shapes the minds of young learners and helps them to progress academically as well as socially and mentally. I believe teaching students with various methods enables them to maximize their potential because they are able to find the method that caters to their learning style. There are a variety of topics that teachers must be acquainted with, such as classroom management and the use of technology in the classroom. As a future educator, I have taken the time to evaluate my positions on these topics. 

Classroom management is crucial for a positive learning environment. When students and teachers share a mutual respect for one another, learning can be accomplished in the classroom. As a future teacher, I plan to emphasize this idea upon entering the classroom on the first day. I believe students need to know they are respected because it will encourage them to display good behavior. They will also feel more confident when asking for help because they will know no one will tease them.

A fundamental element in Elementary Education is group work. I believe students should be placed in heterogeneous groups most of the time because slower learners will gain knowledge from more advanced learners. However, there are times when students should be grouped according to their ability.  Placing students in these groups can only occur after students understand the value of mutual respect. 

Parent/Teacher relations are vital when teaching Elementary School classes because parents play a key role in their child’s development both academically and socially. I believe parents should be informed about what is going on in each subject, every month so they can be aware of what their child is doing in school and assist them when they need it. Parents should also feel comfortable asking the teacher how their child is doing in school and be assured they are getting an honest answer. As a future teacher, I hope to convey to all parents how important their child’s education is to me.

Assessing students in various subject areas has proven to be a difficult task. I believe it is important to give students choices when assessing them because every student has different talents and learning styles. For example, when a science unit has just been completed in class, the students may be given a list of possible projects to assess their knowledge.  These projects may include writing a research report, making an art project, writing a song, or building a model. When students know what they are good at and know they can display these abilities at school, it gives them more confidence and motivation to complete a task.

One aspect of education that has changed greatly in the past decade is the use of technology in the classroom. I believe technology appeals to students because it is untraditional. Most young learners know how to maneuver around the Internet and as a future teacher, it is important to stay caught up in this fast-paced era and to decipher which websites, movies, and other technological devices are beneficial to the classroom.  

It is important to realize that education is constantly changing and as a future teacher, I need to stay informed. I will strive to teach students to work to their fullest potential and to encourage them to always do their best. 

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